Friday, 7 March 2014

Vegetarian Fried Chicken Steak

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So the recipe promised a meal made out of oats that promised to taste exactly like fried chicken - so much so that even grown men wouldn't know they weren't eating meat! Click here to see the original blog post and recipe.

Did it taste like delicious fried chicken? No. Was it edible? Absolutely. Would I make it again? Probably, with some tweaks. I used regular oats, and I wonder if using really fine oats like you find in 'creamy porridge' might be better. I also think adding even just the teensiest bit of actual chicken mince, say 100g, would perfect this recipe (unless you're vegetarian of course). And I think I'd need to make the patties a little flatter next time, to absorb more of the mushroom sauce.

It was really neat though to make something that came off as totally different to its actual ingredients!

Give it a try!

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