Friday, 21 February 2014

$100 Grocery Challenge Update #3

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This week we had a pre-planned trip away to Auckland, which could have thrown things out completely, however with a combination of bringing food with me and my daughters' friend unexpectedly contributing financially, I kept food costs to a minimum.

We also started to run out of a few things this week, so I went to Pak n Save and bought the following:

Mostly staples, plus fruit and milk. As usual, breakfasts were porridge, lunches were peanut butter sandwiches, leftovers or fried rice, and drinks were just water. Snacks were fruit and cookies (cheap Budget shortbread). Dinners are documented below:

Saturday: Homemade vegetable curry with a butter chicken sauce mixed through, and rice.

Sunday: Mexican dinner out, a treat paid for by my daughter to thank me for taking her to Auckland.

Monday: Leftover vegetable curry with tinned tomatoes added, served with homemade bread.

Tuesday: Leftover chicken pie taken from the freezer, served with homemade bread.

Wednesday: Poor mans steak, served with rice, mixed veg and an apple.

Thursday: Similar to last night, however I didn't get a photo so instead here's a pic of my first tomato of the season, from my 'deck garden'!

Friday: Daughter made fried rice with chicken.

All going well :-)

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