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If you only take one thing away from my blog, make it this Live Below the Line Cookbook.


I see many 'frugal tips' that are well meaning, but fall flat.  It's my goal to makeover some of these tips to make them more appealing and sustainable.

Old tip #1: Don't spend money on bottled water, drink tap water.
New tip #1: Don't spend money on bottled water, jazz up tap water and enjoy it!

Fill old wine bottles or cheap carafes with water and keep in the fridge.  Pour into glasses, add ice (free!), pop in a straw and give to the kids (straws are cheap or keep from takeaway drinks).  Fill a wine glass with water and ice for the adults!

Fill water bottles halfway with water and place in the freezer.  When going out, fill the other half with water and take a cold drink with you - no need to get caught short and have to buy one.

Pop the kids leftover fruit or fruit peels into water and enjoy flavoured water for free.

Mint grows everywhere - pop a handful into a carafe for minty water.

Make up herbal tea, chill and serve over ice cubes - healthy iced tea.

And most important of all - replace fizzy drink and juice with all of the above!

Much more coming soon...

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