Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Why Frugal '14?

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The short answer is that I have debt, and I don't want to have debt. If I can shave off every unnecessary cost possible for 12 months, then I'll be able to pay off most of that debt. The second reason for doing this is that I love having a theme each year. In past years I've had everything from bucket lists to nail polish challenges (yep, blue toenail polish for 365 days). So why try and save a few dollars here and there, when you can make your whole year about it?

In searching for frugal tips online, it amazed me how much pointless advice there is out there. When the fridge is bare and the power is about to be cut off, helpful gems such as 'buy a smaller house' and 'cancel your magazine subscriptions' just don't cut it. It's my goal to dig out all the rock-bottom, penny-pinching, your-grandma-did-it-in-the-depression frugal tips I can find, and try them out in 2014.

This blog is to document my year, but I hope others find value in it too.

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