Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Frugal Eats This Week

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As I mentioned, one of my frugal finds were blueberries for $1 per punnet. These were past their best but still suitable for smoothies. The first day I made a blueberry, apple, tangelo and almond smoothie, and the second day was blueberry, apple, tangelo, banana and linseed. It was good to use up fruit that was getting past the point of being appealing to eat.

I made chickpea, potato and pea red curry:

And some delicious cornbread:

As well as regular bread, half white half wholemeal:

I roasted a chicken for multiple meals this week:

As well as tried my hand at Sri Lankan breakfast roti - topped with peanut butter! The recipe made enough for four, at a cost of around $1 - a great frugal weekend breakfast.

It can be messy business:

But the after is very satisfying:

Handy tip: Annoyed because you can't find a funnel? Make one with a toilet roll:

Tomorrow: Portioning to make your groceries stretch.

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