Thursday, 23 January 2014

Portioning and Rehoming

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Pre-portioning out food is not only convenient, but it also makes it stretch further. This week I bought cheese, butter and bacon, and portioned them all out. For the cheese, this meant cutting the block into approximately 100g wedges. I then froze most of them in reusable snap lock bags, and kept a couple in the fridge. Having the wedges ready to go means they're already a good size for grating for pizza etc. If I were feeling more industrious, I would have grated some of the wedges before freezing.

With butter, I etch out 100g portions and cut off one at a time, to keep in a container in the pantry. The rest goes back in the fridge. I've never had butter go rancid in the pantry, even after several days in summer. Soft butter is so much more usable than hard butter!

The bacon was on special at 900g for $5. 900g gave me 7 lots of 2 slices. I portioned them off into reusable freezer bags and froze them all for future use. This kind of rindless bacon is better for use in recipes than for eating on its own.

I also rehomed a swan plant on the weekend. I'm no environmental warrior, but I do have a healthy respect for nature. I had a bit of a disastrous experience with a $1.50 swan plant (all six monarch caterpillars died) and I was left with a scrawny plant that was of no use to me.

I didn't want to let it die so I took it to a grassy area next to my apartment building and transplanted it there.

I then reused the pot for the silverbeet plants I bought at the farmers market.

Sometimes being frugal isn't just about saving money, it's about being responsible with what you have.

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