Thursday, 2 January 2014

January Challenge

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I wasn't going to start doing frugal challenges until next month, but curiosity got the better of me. And since we're only just into January, I'll run with it.

I realised today that I have quite a stash of soaps. I love soap, and I have lots of it, but I never wash with it as it dries my skin out. It scents the clothes in my drawers and looks pretty on shelves. I started to wonder if I might be able to find a frugal use for it and so I googled 'can you wash your hair with soap'. Surprisingly the answer was not a unanimous no, thus January's challenge was born.

Small disclaimer - I don't have a lot of hair. In March last year I had it all shaved off to raise money for child cancer, and it's still only a few inches long all over. I'm not sure if I would try this challenge if I had long hair, but since nearly everything about having short hair is a con, I'll take this pro with both hands!

Since there are four full weeks left in January, I'm going to try one of four types of soap each week. In my mind the soaps with natural ingredients will be better, and it will be interesting to see if it turns out that way. Also - all of these soaps were given to me, so this challenge is entirely free. Since I don't spend a lot on shampoo anyway, and even less on conditioner, I won't save more than a few dollars, but I'm more curious than anything.  At the end of the four weeks I'll either keep using the soaps, or look for a different use for them.

I'll list the ingredients of the soaps I use in case you want to match them with any you have at home. 

The first one I'm trying is the big purple and white 'Lavender Shea Butter' soap in the photo. Its ingredients are listed as:

~ Vegetable glycerine
~ Coconut oil
~ Sodium salts
~ Palm oil
~ Purified water
~ Shea butter infusion and pure lavender oil

Obviously I'm hoping for neither dry hair and a flaky scalp NOR oily hair.

Back with initial results tomorrow!

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