Friday, 17 January 2014

Day 14 of Soap Shampoo Challenge

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This week I've been using a 'Grapefruit & Nectarine' soap as shampoo. The ingredients are as follows:

~ Sodium Palmate
~ Sodium Cocoate
~ Aqua
~ Essential fragrances - grapefruit and nectarine
~ Glycerin
~ Sodium Chloride
~ CI77891
~ Tetrasodium EDTA
~ Sodium Etidronate

As you can see its not nearly as natural as last weeks' soap, so I wasn't sure what the results would be. However overall its been fine. When I rinse my hair out after use, it doesn't feel as moisturised as the previous soap, and for the first few days my scalp felt ever so slightly oily the next day after use, but everything is fine now! So I'm halfway through this challenge and I'm completely happy with how my hair is.

Next week: Aloe Vera & Lemongrass Natural Soap!

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