Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Frugal Grocery Shop

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It was a sea of blue and white here after shopping at Pak n Save on Saturday!  You've already seen what I bought from other stores, now I'll document what I bought at PnS.  Remember I gave myself $140 to spend on two weeks groceries, and I spent a combined total of $135.80 - $99.70 at PnS.

I already knew that generic brands were cheaper, but Budget came out on top for a lot of the items I wanted. 

  • Budget lavender disinfectant, 2L - $1.85.  I will eventually try vinegar as a cleaner, but until then I refill spray bottles with water and disinfectant.  This can be used to clean everything.  If you have extra tough grime to get through, use a little cheap unbranded jif.  You don't need all the different varieties on the market.
  • Budget canola oil, 3L - $8.49.  This was the cheapest oil per 100ml by far.
  • Budget chopped tomatoes, 400g - $.75c each (two bought).
  • Budget 12 pack toilet paper - $2.99.
  • Budget fettuccine pasta - $.92c.
  • Budget oven fries, 2.5kg - $4.79 (for when my daughter has friends over).
  • Budget mixed frozen vegetables, 2.5kg - $4.99.
  • Budget sugar, 1.5kg - $1.95.
  • Budget cheese, 1kg - $9.79.  I bought tasty cheese, even though it was $.70c dearer, as it has a stronger taste, which means you can use less for the same flavour.
  • Budget butter, 500g - $3.59.  I could have bought margarine for around $2 cheaper, but I'm really uncomfortable about the amount of chemicals in marg.  If I really had to, if my budget didn't allow, I would buy margarine.

Additionally I bought:

  • Pams tuna chunks in olive oil, 185g, $1.99 each (two bought).  These will be for lunches for me.
  • Pams tomato paste, 170g - $.89c.  For homemade pizza.
  • Watties pasta sauce, $4.20g - $1.99.
  • 20 pack tray of size 7 eggs - $5.00.  Great price.
  • Pams chicken salt, 65g - $2.59.  For a meatless 'chicken' meal I want to make.
  • Multix reusable sandwich bags, 40 piece - $1.99.  This worked out to $.05c each - Glad Snaplock Bags were $.10c each.
  • Pams coconut cream, 400ml - $1.39.
  • Eta 10 pack chips - $3.49.  These were one of two snack items for my daughter.
  • Campbells mushroom soup concentrate - $2.25.  This is for the meatless chicken meal as mentioned.
  • Maggi onion soup mix - $1.15.  For a soup/beans meal.
  • Pams smooth peanut butter, 375g - $2.69 each (two bought).  Price per gram the small jars were the same as the big jars, but the big jars were over $7 each and I didn't quite want to spend this much.
  • Pams flour, 1.5kg - $1.95.  I worked out a cup of flour costs around $.16c.
  • Bananas, 810g @ $2.49/kg - $2.02.
  • Bacon, 900g - $5.00.  Great price.
  • Mainland cheese slices, 250g - $2.89.  I prefer processed cheese for toasted sandwiches, I don't know why!
  • Hellers shaved pastrami, 200g - $1.99.  This was marked down to half price for being short dated - will be perfect for homemade pizza.  I have frozen it.
  • Pams milk, 1L - $2.15.
  • Savoury luncheon - $2.22.
  • Chocolate cake, reduced to clear - $.99c.  The second treat for my daughter.
  • Pams frozen chicken size 20 - $9.99. 

A note on the 10kg bag of taters I bought: When I got home and opened the sack up I was delighted to discover they were washed potatoes. 

Unfortunately my happiness was short-lived as almost immediately I realised the contents smelt DISGUSTING. I thought maybe I'd been duped until on further inspection I realised the offender was just one potato. Never underestimate the stench of a rotten potato. I threw the little stinker out, but the potatoes still smelt terrible. So I filled the sink with water and salt and poured the potatoes in and gave them a saline bath, before drying them on a towel on the bench. I'm very pleased to report the smell is gone from the spuds and my $7 wasn't wasted. Bonus is I don't have to rinse them before use now, they're good to go!

Tomorrow: What I've made so far this week.

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